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If you are a writer or filmmaker, then listen carefully, as what you are about to read could change your life forever! Now, for the first time ever, discover the secret to breaking into Hollywood and getting a movie deal! Industry veteran and noted consultant Ronald K. Armstrong will reveal his formula that can help you land a lucrative Hollywood movie deal. If you are a filmmaker or writer, then this course is for you!

Back in the ‘90s, studios were looking for independent films from indie filmmakers. This gave filmmakers a point of entry into the Hollywood system. It was a period of opportunity, as small indie films shot on 16mm were given theatrical distribution and their filmmakers given deals to produce future films. Now, unfortunately, with the spread of COVID-19, many corporations (including Hollywood) have had to completely shut down. This means a second avenue of opportunity for a wave of new filmmakers!

There’s No Better Time Than Now to Make Movies! Seize the Opportunity!

Studios have had to shut down productions and delay theatrical releases of their blockbuster films. This means their focus is now on developing new projects and getting them ready to be greenlit when the pandemic is over! So the focus will be on getting new material into development right away while the imposed stay-at-home isolation rule is in effect. Your idea or project could be one of them!

Just listen to what one major entertainment source had to say: “Is your project ready for the green light? With the development boom going on in Hollywood right now, projects are being sold, developed , and prepped by the major studios even while physical production is shut down. With this surge in development, do you want to know if your project is ready for the green light at a studio?” – Stage 32

However, although there is more demand for projects due to COVID-19, breaking in is still no easy feat!

Unless you have an uncle in the business, you’re going to have to do some serious networking. Whether you are a screenwriter, filmmaker, or actor, the important thing to keep in mind is that you are a small fish in a rather big pond. The trick, however, boils down to a two-fold process. You must stand out above the rest in some way or have the right connections with powerful industry people. For the majority of artists, this is not easy. And I would love to say that talent alone can take you to the top, but there are too many untalented Hollywood folks out there to adhere to that notion. If you are like me, you went to film school or took acting classes only to graduate and realize how difficult of a task it is to break in. So how does one get that big break? How does one stand out in a sea of other artists just as talented—if not more so? And is it fair that people with almost zero talent get to work on some of the biggest Hollywood films? Well, the fact that life isn’t fair is actually a good thing.

This means that anything goes. Put simply, there are no rules. All is not lost—I am here to help. Who am I? My name is Ron Armstrong, and I have had the fortune of working in the industry, receiving numerous awards and making lots of money. But I’m not here to brag about me. I was lucky to stumble across a winning formula that launched my career in the film business early on. I’ve worked and met with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing, The BlacKkKlansman), James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind), and more. I’ve worked with companies like Disney, Paramount Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. I was represented by the top agency in Hollywood, ICM (International Creative Management). I even became a top consultant to advertising agencies, helping many studios to launch their movie campaigns and brand themselves. I taught film at Howard University and broke ground as an acting coach teaching my revolutionary technique, the Kamitic Acting System. Through all of this experience, I have seen many people come and go. And while there were a lot of ups and downs for me, I never once threw in the towel. However, I can’t say that for most. What I witnessed is young, aspiring artists who were 100% certain they would be big names quit the business after two years. There is a lot of rejection, and you have to develop thick skin. You have to love it with such a passion and want it so bad your head bleeds. That’s how I was. And that is how I am.

I learned the secret of how to break in and make it. And let me tell you, it’s not easy. There are no shortcuts. But if you really want to make it with all of your heart and soul, then keep reading. I have come up with a winning formula on how to break in and achieve success. Call it the secret sauce or whatever. I have mapped out a plan that will enable you to break in and make your dreams come true. Now, you might have noticed that I used the word “success.” Too many people equate success with money and fame. However, how I define success is the ability to live your dream and get paid for it. And as a filmmaker, this meant making films without having to worry about where my next meal would come from or if next month I would have a roof over my head. Now, let me warn you.

The Insider Secret That Radically Changed My Perspective

I’m going to let you in on a little insider secret—a secret no one will reveal to you that most big-name players know. When I was in film school, I sat next to some of the top film directors in the business. That’s right, I attended classes with the A list. I was even close friends with big-name actors. I would go over to their homes, pet their dogs, go out to dinner with them, and more. And from that, I learned this one secret that I want to share with you. Are you ready? Here it is.

Not one of those power brokers, top industry players, or A-list actors offered to help me break into the business. Not one! What you will understand is that Hollywood is full of selfish people who look upon you as competition and who will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. This really crystalized when my girlfriend and I went to see a movie—only to realize I was watching my film on screen not directed by me. That’s right, a big Hollywood producer plagiarized my screenplay and went ahead to produce the film with Scarlett Johansson without me. Of course, I quickly called my lawyers and began legal action. But this is not uncommon. It happens all the time. So I want to save you from this. My blueprint system is a proven method to get you in the business and make a name for yourself, all the while avoiding the pitfalls and backstabbing. I am not just giving you an awesome formula but also wisdom from an industry veteran. I want to help you succeed and succeed big time! So let’s get started!

So you have no agent, no manager and no contacts in the film industry?
No problem!

My new Secret Movie Deal Program will give you proven techniques to break into the industry without a manager, agent, uncle in the business, or high-power contact. In fact, I’ll teach you how to go around the traditional, outdated methods that don’t work and connect directly with power brokers who can greenlight your project, shop your script to create a bidding war, get you that all-important meeting, land the studio job of your dreams, and work to make you the hottest up and coming artist out there. You see, one of the most important things I learned from the business is not to do what everyone else is doing. The industry is full of folks trying to make it happen. Although at first it may seem counterintuitive, you must learn to look at what everyone is doing and not do the same thing.

This program can make you a big fish in a small pond. It flips the script so that important industry people call you! I am going to teach you how to create several golden opportunities. Now I’m not going to lie—you’re going to have to do some work. But with just a little effort here and there, you are going to see amazing results. This is a no BS program! Take advantage now while you can.

This brings me to my final point. I have been a consultant to many studios, agents, managers, and wealthy multi-millionaires. I have produced short films, features, and commercials. This means my time is extremely limited. This program will not be available indefinitely, as I don’t want my powerful techniques to be used and shared with unscrupulous people out there. Therefore, at the time of this site launching, I am only extending this offer for a limited time. After that, I’m closing the entire operation down to focus on my new feature film to be released in theaters in 2022! Now typically, I charge thousands of dollars for my one-on-one coaching, making it out of range for most newcomers. But because I am launching this online program that is available for a larger number of people at a lower expense, the cost savings are passed on to you!

So look, you can go on wandering around in the dark hoping and praying for the gods to smile down upon you and give you that big break. Or you can take charge of your destiny and purchase my program now. Don’t wait! Take the bull by the horns and make your dreams come true!

Here is what you will get in my program:

• How to map out a strategic plan to get your name out there in a big way.
• How to get past the gatekeepers to speak directly with the executive or agent.
• How to identify the power brokers and how to get their attention.
• Precise marketing tactics to make a name for yourself.
• How to stop making calls and get them to call you.
How to consistently work in the business no matter how bad the economy is doing.
• How to protect your work against plagiarism.
• How to not sleep your way to the top and avoid scumbags.
• How to develop a rolodex full of top industry executives who want to work with you.
• How not to be a starving artist.
• How to develop an elevator pitch that gets them to call you!
• How to brand yourself so people take notice. This is your brand identity and key to your success.
• And more….

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If you are like most, you don’t have an agent or manager who is out actively trying to find you work. The truth is that getting one might not be that hard. But getting one who has the right contacts is not so easy. Most artists don’t have the time between working their day job and putting food on the table to devote to researching the right players and marketing themselves. You need someone who can get your name out there and set up important meetings and calls for you. So being the ingenious person that I am, I started my own marketing company whose job is to market my talents 24/7 to the right studio executives and agents. Best of all, I started my marketing company with almost no money. I even have employees. How did I do this? In this bonus, I’m going to reveal the blueprints on exactly how I started the company with almost no money! I no longer get involved in the time-consuming process of making calls or sending out query letters. My marketing company does this work for me. And now I want to show you how to put one together for yourself and skyrocket your career to success!

In Conclusion

There is just no other program out there to connect you with industry players. Not only that, but the time is right. Hollywood needs material to fill its development pipeline! The unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus have left the doors wide open for you to break in! If you are ready to take the next step and make your dreams come true, then sign up for my program. I promise that it will change your life! So stop knocking on doors that may never open for you. Start implementing a revolutionary new approach! So what are you waiting for? Purchase my program, and I’ll see you on the big screen!